Ron Geezer - "The Fresh Young Face of Comedy"
Nostalgia just ain’t what it used to be.
The Pope and President Obama are scheduled to meet. Their plan is clear. They’re going to Moscow and kicking Putin’s ass… Taking turns holding and punching.

I am not one taken by conspiracy theory. Yes, Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter. No, Big Oil did not buy off or kill the inventor of a fuel additive that gets you 300 miles per gallon. Yes, we really did land a man on the moon.

Yet, I swear, I just saw Osama Bin Laden stacking melons at my neighborhood Albertsons.

When Rush Limbaugh buys eyeglasses, does he get the progressive lenses?
I saw Nebraska last night. This movie which, in my opinion, is best of the year aims at and squarely hits the heart. Can’t think of many ways to improve it…Maybe have one of the characters kicked by a goat?
Libertarians, conservatives, centrists, and moderate liberals are all bent out of shape over the Administration’s plans to embed their FCC’s agents in the programming and editorial departments of news orgnizations. But there’s no cause for concern. Obama has already addressed the issue:
“If you like you’re newstalk station, you can keep your newstalk station. Period.”

I recently came across my elementary school class graduation photo. I scanned across the black and white glossy, names mostly forgotten, faces all forgotten. Twenty-one girls, seventeen boys, two angry nuns. Who became a plumber, a soldier, a cop, a nurse, a teacher, a bus driver, a mechanic? Who became a parent, a grandparent, a great grandparent? Who became a junkie, a thief, a suicide? I reflected a long moment and hoped those who have passed did so in peace, even the suicides. Except Phillip Stone.

…Never could stand that little prick.

I recently got sued and I feel bad about it, because the process server caught me in my gym clothes, so I didn’t have any cash handy to tip him.
I considered going to the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. There are plenty of last-minute flights. But the best tickets available are in the $5000 - $6000 seating sections, and I don’t care to sit around there with all the riff raff.
My prediction:
Seahawks 43
Broncos 8
Oh. And I also predict the Seahawks will score a safety on the Broncos’ first possession, maybe even their first play. But maybe it’ll take two plays. I don’t know. I’m not that good at predicting stuff..
To help ease its fiscal crisis, Detroit may be selling off its Art Institute’s treasures, estimated in the $ billions. I personally plan to bid on the original “Dogs Playing Poker.”